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Founded in January 2011 by Cătălin Precup, visual artist, Surrealchemy functions as a virtual Kunstkammer collecting and displaying inspirational artworks with an emphasis on surrealism and its legacy and influence today, along with other delights that might catch your eye or tickle your fancy.

Warning: May contain traces of nudity, sexually explicit content, violent or offensive material.
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Homan Square
Watercolor on wood
Jacob van Loon

(via darksilenceinsuburbia)

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Jared Meuser

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Egon SchieleMoa, 1911, Pencil, Watercolor, and opaque color, 47.8 x 31.5 cm

Leopold Museum, Vienna (large image)


illustrations by Daniel Mackie

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Paul Klee (1879-1940), Tale à la Hoffmann, 1921

Watercolor, ink and pencil on paper, 31.1 x 24.1 cm

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Watercolor by Amy Ross

Paul Klee (1879-1940), The Twittering Machine (Zwitschermaschine), 1922

Watercolor, pen and ink over oil drawing, 41.3 X 30.5 cm

The Museum of Modern Art, New York